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Hello everyone! I know not all of you know my brother Glenn, but he is at a neat school called the National Outdoor Leadership School, or NOLS.
He is doing really well - he'll have lots of stories to tell when he gets home and has a nap! He has one more month left and I think he is looking forward to sleeping in a real bed!

His birthday is November 6th - we would like to have a "card shower" for him - he will be 21 this year! If you could send him a card I would really appreciate it and I am sure he would really enjoy the mail! His address is as follows;

Glenn Waterman NWS - 09/10/2008
c/o NOLS Pacific Northwest
Box 527
Conway, WA 98238

To insure that he receives it during his break between class sections, it should be mailed by November 2nd or 3rd.
Please help us make his birthday special - even though he is so far away - and even if you don't really know him - he's a really great guy! - And please forward this on to anyone you think might also send him a card - thanks!

(ps - sorry to any myspace friends who are seeing this twice)

Follow the crowd, fill this out!

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almost time to go...

We're going to go finish packing so we can take a nap before we leave, but I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, and Happy New Year since I won't be back in RI until New Year's Day. I don't know how much internet access I'll have, but I'll talk to you all later.

Hope you all have a safe and happy and (hopefully) snowstorm free holiday!

My very own macroz!!

My very first lolcatz!!


I have just learned that a woman from the SCA group i play with when i am in NY has passed away. Lady Felicity, mka Dawn Kane, possessed a generous spirit and a dry, wry, spectacularly healthy sense of humor (as befitting a member of the Order of the Tarts!). I was never sure if she liked me or not or if she was just playing along until a recent gathering wherein she sat near me most of the night, and when I got up to leave and hugged another member, she demanded one too, and said she had always enjoyed my hugs and my company. I was honored then, and moreso now. I pray she is in a better place now.

but I fear I may have let her down, and it weighs heavily on my soul. at least i loved her.

o rly?

so... i ate a lovely little carton of blackberry yogurt tonight.

then when i was done i was reading the carton.

i read "good for 7 days beyond sell-by date if properly refrigerated"

i thought "oh, well i went shopping a couple times this month, so i should be ok, even though i know i didn't buy any last time"

I just ate a carton of yogurt from July.

I'm now beginning to understand why my adreno-titer level is in the 4500-range.

i'm going to bed.

a poetry evening

Another free sample!

This one on a tip from my friend Becky:

Kashi Snack Drive!